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No matter what happens, we still got 6!

The greatest sports day of the year, an unofficial national holiday, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  Even though our team is not in uniform at Lucas Oil Stadium today, most of us are still going to watch the game. We won’t be cheering hard, throwing remotes at bad plays, or trying to figure out half time adjustments but you still just can’t help but watch.

It may sound like sour grapes to say, “Well my team still has more than anybody else no matter what happens today”, but sometimes that’s what gets you through this final game of the season when you can’t cheer for the black ‘n gold to bring home another Lombardi. I have to admit, that loss in the Wildcard round to Denver still stings. If the defense could just make one more stop, Ben would find a way to drive down and get the winning score.

The memory of last season is still clear as a bell for me. You spent the entire day watching the endless hours of pregame coverage while your party food waits. You remember the team running out onto the field during the introductions, watching the warm-ups as you pace in your living room hoping Mike Tomlin and his staff have prepared enough to win. How will the game play out? Who will be the guy to make that one big play or one big mistake that determines the outcome of the game? If they do win, who’s going to come back next year and who won’t, will they be set up for another run? All these questions burn in your mind the days leading up to the game and then come to a head at kickoff.

You stress yourself out all during the game, thinking of missed opportunities for touchdowns or an important defensive stop that didn’t happen. You say to yourself, there’s still plenty of time left, Ben can bring them back, he always does. Late in the 4th quarter against the Cardinals, with the game on the line, Roethlisberger drives the offense for one of the most memorable finishes in Super Bowl history. Surely he’ll do it again and the Stairway to Seven will be complete.  Even though Super Bowl XLV didn’t turn out the way we hoped, that experience still lives with you as a diehard fan. It’s a tough pill to swallow no matter how long ago the game was.  I still think about the loss to the Cowboys in XXX, and how they came so close.

The Steelers have been in 8 Super Bowls in their history and every one of them is special in their own way, win or lose.  The excitement, the anticipation, the pride, so many feelings that fans of lesser teams can only dream of experiencing but the Steeler Nation has been able to do so more than anyone else. So no matter what happens today brothers and sisters of the SteelerNation, WE STILL GOT 6!


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