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Latest rumors: Steelers could be interested in Mike Sullivan

According to a source, Giants QB Coach Mike Sullivan is a name floating around as a possible hire for the Steelers vacant Offensive Coordinator position. Mike Tomlin cannot contact the Giants until after the Super Bowl is over but this one to keep in the back of your mind and we could hear more about it early next week.

Looking at the Giants, I see that Art II would could be considering a type of offense that Tom Coughlin & Kevin Gilbride run. They have a two headed monster at running back with Amad Bradshaw & Brandon Jacobs capable of pounding the ball on any defense.Eli Manning is an elite Quarterback capable of firing down field at any time and making the clutch throws when the game is on the line. This could be a potential good match for both parties.

-Rip Scherer- Loosely floated because of his connection to Mike Tomlin but nothing confirmed to this point.
-Alex Van Pelt- Steelers inquired about him and rumored they want to set up an interview.
-Kirby Wilson- Waiting to see when he’d be healthy enough to do the job but would have been the front runner if not for the
tragic house fire and subsequent rehabiliation from his burns.
-Hue Jackson- Speculation, Jim Wexel said he got a text from a friend who said stay away from him. However, he knows the division having coached in Baltimore from 2008-2009, working with Joe Flacco. He also had a 1,300 yard RB when he coached Washington.
-Tom Clements- The team appeared to have interest in him but he’s off the market now having been promoted to Coordinator by the Packers.

However according to a tweet from Alby Oxenreiter from WPXI Pittsburgh:

@albyox: As of Fri, Feb 3 @ 3:40pm ET, it’s my understanding that Todd Haley’s the frontrunner for the #Steelers off coord job—but nothing decided.

This would be a bit of an odd hire as far as I’m concerned. Haley knows how to coach an offense, however his demeanor and character on the sidelines would be an issue. It’s well known that he’s got a hot temper and isn’t afraid to start yelling and making a scene on the sidelines or the locker room.

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