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Kevin Colbert talks with KDKA about the Steelers offseason.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert joined KDKA this morning to talk about the pertinent topics at hand facing the team this offseason. Key talking points include Hines Ward, in which Colbert mentioned there still has not been a decision made on his future. He talks about making sure you do the right thing and be sensitive to all those involved including the players in the locker room when it comes to such a great player like Hines. “Ultimately our job is to win a championship and we have to make the decisions that will give us the best chance to do that.”

He can’t speculate how far the team will be over the salary cap by the March 13th deadline because the league will not give out the final cap number for 2012 until the first week of March.

Mendenhall: He said there’s been no setback in Mendenhall’s recovery but the nature of the injury is that it can take up to a year to recover. He could very well start out on the PUP list which would make him inactive for the first 6 weeks. They then have 3 more weeks after that to decide if they want to activate him or not. Players are never 100% after an ACL injury; they may be able to play but aren’t back to normal.

Aaron Smith: Colbert said that Aaron is still in the evaluation phase of his recovery. He comes into the training facility to get checked but hasn’t made a decision yet on his future.

Todd Haley: It will take time for Haley to get acclimated to the players currently on the roster. The team will never vary on the type of player they like to add via free agency or draft. It’s a very important time for our coaches to get together and start.

Restructures: Colbert mentioned that they will approach more players for restructures but declined to mention any specifically. He made it clear that these players don’t lose any money in these types of deals, but rather just get their salaries a bit differently. It’s a way to utilize accounting to push money out to future years.

Listen to the full interview right here.

Kevin Colbert interview on KDKA

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