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It’s not going to be Haley vs Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh

There are more than a few fans who think that Ben is going to have some type of major issue with Todd Haley. I honestly just don’t see it being that much of a problem. It seems like every time something happens with the offense everyone thinks Ben is going to throw a fit and try to get his own way. He is used to things being done a particular way yes,and now they are changing, it doesn’t mean he’s not going to be able to adapt. He’s not a rookie anymore and realizes what it means to be a team player. It will take time; especially in game situations where he’s used to doing things a certain way and now he’ll be asked to do them another. There will be growing pains inevitably but that’s to be expected. He is a professional athlete and there’s no reason to think he will do anything other than compete to the best of his abilities. Roethlisberger’s maturity in recent years will serve him well as he adjusts to the changes that Haley will throw at him.

Ben knows that this is a business not only with players but with coaches as well. Haley will lay out his plan for the offense, which should produce a consistent power running game, which will turn the passing game into a very formidable weapon. Ben’s passing attempts may go down slightly but he will see and understand that it is what’s best not only for the Steelers offense but also the defense and the team as a whole. Ben needs the personality and coaching style of Haley to push him to the next level. Arians didn’t do a bad job with Ben but many feel that his new direction with fresh ideas and perspectives on how to run an offense can only be a good thing.

Once Haley is able to start putting an offense together and begin working with his players they’ll be able to form a working relationship with him and learn how to interact together. It’s not going the same relationship that Bruce Arians had; this one will be much more emotional. That’s not exactly a bad thing. Sometimes tough love is needed, and again it doesn’t mean Ben is going to fight the changes and become a distraction. It just means he may be asked to do things he hasn’t before or hasn’t done often but it doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t do what’s required.

Remember back in the Bill Cowher days when he’s be stomping around the sidelines, getting in players faces and firing you up? That’s something that I expect see surface again with Haley now to some degree.

Coaches have their own style and part of Haley’s game is emotion. He’s not afraid to high five guys after a big play in the same manner that he’s willing to get in your face when you screw up. If you ask me, some fire and brimstone might not be a bad idea for a change. The current coaching staff’s quiet demeanor shouldn’t be misconstrued for a lack of passion though, they just show it differently. It’s that difference that could be a nice change for the offense.

Over the next few months, I’m sure something will come out that is initially taken out of context but later ends up being much to do about nothing. Anyone remember the pro bowl interview? Just keep in mind that things aren’t always what they seem until you have enough information to make your own informed judgement.



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