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Blitzburgh Radio Podast with Matt Finucane of

BRC & Steeldad are joined by a great guest, Matt Finucane from Matt is on the senior staff of the website; writing articles & hosting the Arrowhead Addict podcast.  He’s a dedicated Chiefs fan who’s been writing about the team since 2007 but has been a fan for as long as he can remember. On top of all that Matt is also a contributing writer for, an MMA site. You can follow him on twitter @BigMattFinucane

Topics on the show include Haley’s coaching style, was he really as fiery as the media portrays him to be, how good of a game planner is Haley and much more. Definitely worth a listen as we get into a good discussion on Haley’s past coaching endeavors and future potential in Pittsburgh.

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Blitzburgh Radio Podcast with

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