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Theme of the 2011 Steelers: Missed Opportunities

That basically sums it up in 2 words . The Steelers had plenty of chances this season to right many wrongs that they did to themselves early on in the season and they failed and failed miserably each time. The two main things were the losses to the Ravens at Heinz Field where Flacco drove 92 yards and won the game in the final 8 seconds, and the second big missed opportunity was the loss in San Francisco on Monday night where the Steelers had they won that game had a chance to be in total control of the number 1 seed in the AFC had they won out the final 2 games which they did. The Ravens opened the door for the Steelers the night before that game and did them a huge favor by losing to the Chargers and the Steelers quite simply failed to take advantage of it what so ever.

The microcosm of the season was that 92 yd. drive by the Ravens. It was the sum of all the demons that haunted this team both before and in retrospect now after the season is over. 99-100 times Dick Lebeau’s defense makes that stop in epic fashion.  It’s something they have to live with and something to look back on in 2012 as a motivational factor of what was so close but yet ultimately unreachable.

That in a nutshell right there sums up the Steelers season. They just never seemed to be able to win the critical big MUST WIN games that we are so accustomed to see them winning year in and year out. You just didnt have that feeling this year that this team even without all the injuries was a team that had a chance to go all the way and win a championship. It’s time now for the Steelers to do a lot of soul searching and gutting of this roster especially on the offensive line and on the defense as well.


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