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The Steelers mock drafts are starting up

Here’s one from SA member MDSteel15 that would turn some heads it were to come about even close to what he’d like to see. We’ll continue to provide more mock draft and potential Steelers player draftees insight as the offseason rolls towards the 2012 NFL Draft.

Let’s say Max Starks’ injury has officially ended his tenure here. Potsie retires along with Aaron Smith and some other defensive players! We know we need a guard on the o-line and pretend we finally got some balls to spend money.
So picture this!

Steelers sign:
Jared Gaither (KC) – OT to replace Starks.. Definately proved with Chiefs there are no issues w/ his back!
Carl Nicks (NO) – OG would complete the left side of the line!

1st: Vontaz Burfict -ILB- Arizona State – obviously Potsie’s replacement that will split time with Foote.
2nd: Kelechi Osemele -G- Iowa St – even if we do sign Nicks we need top O-linmen for now and the future!
3rd: Alameda Ta’amu -NT- Washington – if Hampton can’t make it back we need more at the point of attack than what we have!
4th: Winston Guy Jr. ,S, Kentucky
5th: Case Keenum -QB- Houston – I know I know.. but he would learn behind Ben and Lefty and I think he would be an asset as a backup with the tools he has.
6th: Randy Bullocks -K- Texas A&M – need a replacement PERIOD
7th: flip a coin!!!


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