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Steelers season ends with a resounding THUD!

It was a playoff game worthy of primetime, 2 teams in the wildcard round fighting through adversity all year long.  The game lived up to it’s hype of being a close game, coming down to the last minute, literally and it did just that.

The Steelers came into Denver being favored, and many already handing Pittsburgh the win because Tim Tebow was too inexperienced. Tebow had lost his magic, and the Broncos defense not playing like they did earlier in the year. That’s just the tip of the ice berg but you get the idea. Everything was there for the taking for the Steelers, but their poor play on the road came back to haunt them.  Only winning 5 road games this might not sound that bad but it was the way they won, literally winning ugly barely pulling out victories against teams that were clearly inferior.

The Steelers came into this game, limping in every sense of the word. Injuries all over on both sides of the ball and backups not being able to live up to the “the standard is the standard” monicker that Mike Tomlin likes to live by.

In the end, they made a valiant effort to come back and gave themselves a chance to win but the defensive issues on the first play of overtime were never more evident than Sunday evening. Poor Redzone Defense, Poor Redzone Offense, Missed Opportunities, Injuries, it all comes into play in how the Steelers 2011 season ended.



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  1. mindless

    no surprise. this team be it due to injuries or inconsistent play never built up a head of steam and just sort of meandered into the postseason.

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