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Steelers 2012 Pro Bowl Wrapup – Stats, News, Tweets, & Pics from a wild contest in Hawaii

Both Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown put on a highlight show during the 2012 Pro Bowl. Roethlisberger had 2 Touchdowns in the 1st quarter. Brown was in as a receiver, punt/kick returner, and defensive back even late in the game. Definitely one of the most entertaining Pro Bowls in a long time.   The following is a recap of the Steelers players highlights and stats from the game.

1st Half

Ben started out on the first play with a first down completion to Mike Wallace. He also hit him again on that drive.

Jimmy Graham caught a pass from Arron Rodgers for a first down while James Harrison was in coverage.

Ben did throw an INT, picked off by the Packers Clay Matthews but after some razzle dazzle laterals the NFC fumbled it and it was a recovered for a first down by the AFC.

Ben hit Antonio Gates of the Chargers for a big first down on 2nd drive of the game.

Ben then threw a Touchdown on the same drive, hitting the Bengals AJ Greene for a 34 yd. TD.

Ryan Clark stripped Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy of the ball causing a fumble that was recovered by Champ Bailey for the AFC.

Ben hit Miami’s Brandon Marshall on the 3rd drive of the 1st quarter for a TD, 74 yds.

Antonio Brown made a special teams tackle late in the first quarter.

Ben was done for the day after the first quarter. Finished with 6-11 182 yds. 2 TD’s 1 Int.

Ryan Clark limped off the field after tackling the Staints jimmy graham late in the first half but returned a few plays later on an extra point try after a NFC touchdown.

Rivers tried to hit Mike Wallace for a 30yd. TD just before Halftime but he couldn’t come down with it, covered tightly by Charles Tillman of the Bears.

Score at Halftime : AFC 28 – NFC 28

2nd Half.

Carolina’s Steve Smith beat Ryan Clark on a Touchdown pass early in the 3rd quarter from Cam Newton.

Clark was in the vicinity of an NFC fumble in the backfield but Carolina’s Cam Newton was able to fall on it.

Antonio Brown returned a punt 23 yds., close to midfield in the 3rd quarter.

Clark broke up a pass intended for the Saints Jimmy Graham in the 4th quarter.

Brown returned a 4th quarter punt for 32 yds., nearly breaking it for a Touchdown.

Clark made a ST tackle on the Cardinals Patrick Peterson.

Clark also in a tackle of Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch late in the game.

Antonio Brown was playing some defensive back in the 4th quarter, actually picked off a Cam Newton pass but was out of bounds.

Brown was burnt for a Touchdown while covering the Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald late in the game, clearly just have a blast out there. Maybe showing Dick Lebeau that he can be put in as a DB in a pinch? Well let’s not go quite that far just yet.

Final Score: AFC 59 NFC 41

Steelers players tweets during the Pro Bowl:

@AntonioBrown84: great game thus far it will come down to who got the ball last ! #cmelike #probowl
@Wallace17_daKid: Having a great time out here with some awesome players!! Plus we get to tweet on top of that!!!! #Steelernation #Probowl


 Final Steelers Players Stats:
Ben Roethlisberger –  6-11 182 yds., 2 TD’s, 1 Int.
James Harrison – 3 Tackles
Ryan Clark – 3 Tackles
Mike Wallace: 2-34 yds.
Antonio Brown – 2-15 yds. 1 ST Tackle, 1 Kickoff Return 29 yds., 4 Punt Returns 115 yds.

Pics from the 2012 Pro Bowl as provided by and

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