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Should Tomlin have given Suisham a chance at the end?

I was debating this with some of the Steeler Addicts members during the game,  just before Mike Tomlin elected to leave the Steelers offense on the field. I realize it would have been a 67 yd FG but the way things were going today in the kicking game why not give it a shot? The thin air and altitude of Mile High (yes I still call it Mile High), was such that you had a better than normal chance of making that kick. It was noted during the pregame that both Shaun Suisham and Matt Prater were booming 60+ yd. kicks with ease. Now of course you can’t always translate that into game time situations with pass rushers, possible errant snaps, or rogue wind gusts but I think you see my point here. It’s at least worth a shot. With so little time left you either make it or you don’t and just maybe Suisham sets a new NFL record and wins the game for you.  After all he did hit 3 kicks today with a long of 45 yds. and every one of them had room to spare. The kickoffs were the best I’ve ever seen him do in his entire career (thank you thin air in Denver). Perhaps we could bottle that up and send it to Pittsburgh just for kickoffs and field goals?

I tweeted during the game, that it was a gutless call by Mike Tomlin to not give Suisham the chance. The 3 man rush was getting to Ben Roethlisberger all day long, he had no time to throw. Blame the Steelers offensive line and you’ll get no argument from me in that area. If you can’t stop a basic 3 man rush then there is something seriously wrong.  I can’t say I blame Coach Tomlin in one respect, you normally think your line can give a QB time to throw that long pass. Based on how the day was going though, it should have been readily apparent that maybe you think that philosophy over again. That’s a story/rant for another time though.

I know you’d have to kick it low to get the distance but I honestly believe you give him the shot and tell your guys to be ready in case it’s blocked. The chances of you making a hail mary are not any better nor is the likelihood of getting a pass interference call in or near your own endzone if Ben were able to pull off that hail mary. With :03 seconds to go we’ll never know.  You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but maybe the football gods smile on you for once.

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  1. mindless

    the extra effort it would have taken to make it would probably would have taken suisham out of his normal kicking rythm and that’s when bad things happen to athletes. that’s also when many kicks are blocked and that was probably Tomlin’s concern. A blocked kick from that distance can very easily be returned if the ball bounces right.

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