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Should Steeler fans be cheering for the Texans too?

From one of our great prognosticators here on SteelerAddicts, some reasons why, if the Steelers win this Sunday, playing New England is a better fit.

I say this because if the Texans beat the Bengals they would play the Ravens first and the Steelers assuming of course they win in Denver will play the Patriots Sat night January 14th in Foxborough. I think the Patriots are a far far better matchup for the Steelers in the divisional round then the Ravens would be simply because the Patriots defense is terrible and cant stop anybody and all the Steelers would have to do is contain Tom Brady enough like they did here in Pittsburgh when they beat them in October and they would have an excellent chance of winning that game. Now dont get me wrong Im not sitting here saying the Steelers couldnt beat the Ravens if they had to play them first instead of New England but all I am saying is I would rather the Ravens play 1 game against a pretty physical defense in the Texans even if they do win and the Steelers see them in the AFC Championship game as opposed to the divisional round where they are rested and fresh. I dont know there is just something about the Ravens this year when it comes to the Steelers that makes me believe that they are so obsessed with beating the Steelers that they will come out and play to the death to make sure that the Steelers dont beat them.

Now of course if the Bengals do beat the Texans it will at least keep the Steelers chances for a home playoff game alive should the Bengals knock off the Patriots and the Steelers beat the Ravens however the odds of that all happening are slim and none at this point. The bottom line is I want the Patriots over the Ravens in the divisional round. The Patriots are not world beaters by any stretch even at home and have fallen behind the Dolphins and the Bills the last 2 weeks of the season in New England 17-0 and 21-0 and only came back on both of those teams because both are horrific. If they do that against the Steelers with their defense and their kind of offense they wont come back. So the way to root this week is for the Texans and hopefully they will somehow either knock the Ravens off or at least soften them up for the Steelers if the Steelers should meet the Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

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  1. kellie

    Hi, do you know if i can watch the game from my iphone tomorrow January 8? will it be on the radio from any phone app?


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