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Not the same without Jeff Triplette tossing the coin

I’m sure most of us have seen the new Papa John’s Super Bowl commercial by now with Colt’s QB Peyton Manning as the Referee and former Steelers Running Back Jerome Bettis .  It’s a very genious commercial that the pizza maker come up with but it just isn’t quite the same with the man behind all the controversy actually calling the coin toss. That fateful day back on November 26, 1998 when the Steelers played the Lions in the Thanksgiving Day game forever changed how the coin toss is done in the NFL.

I’m sure Jeff would rather not relive that day and he probably cringes when he sees this commercial. We can all laugh about it now but back then that blunder ultimately started the Steelers downward spiral that saw the Steelers not win a game the rest of the year and finished 7-9.


Here’s a link to the original video where it all went down.

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