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Full time officials could be coming to the NFL

It could finally be in the works, full time officials for the NFL may be coming. In Art Rooney II’s press conference recently he mentioned the following in reference to how the Steelers dealt with the new rule changes this season:

Whether he was happy with on-field rule changes for 2011 and how they were applied this season:

“Going into the season we were certainly concerned about some of the rules changes. I think we survived the season OK. Obviously we had a player suspended, which we weren’t happy about, but I think our players have adjusted and I think the goal of reducing helmet to helmet contact is an appropriate goal. I think everyone’s trying to adjust and I think everybody, for the most part, has done a good job. I think we’ve made the game harder to officiate and the commissioner (Roger Goodell) said he’s considering making some of the officials full-time and that might be a good idea because I think thee one thing I would like to see, irrespective of the rules is that the officiating is more consistent and there’s more consistency in certain kinds of plays being called the same way from game to game and crew to crew.”

Nothing is set in concrete yet, as this is something that the Commissioner is considering right now. Honestly I’ve been in favor of full time officials for a long time now. I don’t care if the NFL season is only for about 5 months or so. There’s preseason games, OTA’s, training camps, and plenty of reasons to have these guys on the pay roll full time year around.

Consistency in how the game is called is crucial and if this is a way the NFL wants to try and help this cause, I’m all for it indeed.

The information on Art Rooney II’s comments comes from our friend Scott Brown at the Trib.


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