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Bruce Arians may not return in 2012

Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians may not be back with the team in 2012. Since taking over as offensive coordinator in 2007, he’s held the post ever since.   The much maligned coordinator has raised the ire of the Steeler Nation on a regular basis throughout his tenure.  Fans generally consider his play calling to be predictable and often times he’s criticized for not exploiting the weakness of the defense enough.

The Post Gazette broke the story Wednesday evening that Arians may not return, according to a source.  The social media outlets went bonkers with retweets and Facebook chatter almost immediately. He could either retire or just leave the team to explore other options.  Nothing is set in stone yet and Arians has not commented publicly on his future with the team since the loss in the wildcard round that ended the Steelers season.

At this point the Steeler Nation will have to curb it’s enthusiasm until an official announcement comes down from the team or Arians himself.  I’ve never been a huge fan of  Arians offensive gameplan from week to week mainly because of the inconsistency of the offense. To be fair that comes down to player execution as well as play calling though too. He does have his drawbacks, there is no question about it, especially with his redzone playcalling and propensity to want to go deep rather than having Ben Roethlisberger look for the check downs more often. Arians allows Ben the freedom to audible deep when he thinks he has someone open, and even though Bruce loves to fire the ball downfield, it’s not always the designed play at that given moment.  He’s got his good and bad points like anyone else, but being in the position he’s been in and the struggles in the redzone this year, he may have just had enough.

Here’s the article by Gerry Dulac of the PG:

The Steelers coaching staff could undergo its first major change in the Mike Tomlin era because offensive coordinator Bruce Arians might not return in 2012, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has learned.

Arians, 57, is in the final year of his contract with the Steelers, and it is unclear if he is retiring — something he considered last year — or not having his contract renewed.

Arians has been the offensive coordinator since Tomlin became head coach in 2007. He was told last week by Tomlin that he would return in 2012, and Tomlin even indicated as much in a press conference one day after the Steelers’ playoff loss in Denver.

However, team president Art Rooney II indicated on Tuesday that some members of the coaching staff were considering retirement.

Arians considered retiring after the 2010 season because of health problems and other issues. He even skipped attending the NFL combine in February while he mulled his decision.

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