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Art Rooney II talks with DVE on Arians, Free Agency, Injuries, & More

Art Rooney II joins DVE to talk about Ben, Arians, player injuries, and the future of the Steelers heading into this offseason and the tough decisions that will have to be made.

A few highlights on his interview, and you can of course listen to the entire event here.  Art Rooney II talks with DVE

On his comments about Ben possibly changing his game for next year: We aren’t asking Ben to completely change his game, but possibly tweak it a little.

 We don’t want Ben to take more hits in 2012, and I’m sure he doesn’t either. The coaches will work towards that.

On Bruce Arians:  Mike Tomlin has been talking with Bruce Arians this week, and they are probably coming to a conclusion fairly quickly here. We will have something to say about it as soon as today possibly. It’s Mike and Bruce’s decision basically.

Most of it is up to Bruce and if he wants to continue or not; and of course talking with Tomlin.

On the cap issues facing the Steelers this year and Hines Ward:  He spoke to Hines Ward last week before he left town. We’ve got a few weeks to make some decisions to get under the cap. This year they’re in a tough decision. He said they’ll be talking to a number of players about their future and their contracts. Bottom line is that Hines has been a great player for us, a fantastic player and fantastic person.

On player injuries and surgeries:  Max Starks and others who are having surgery:  There’s no doubt there will be some question marks, and some guys will take awhile to monitor their health and recovery. Some of this will be a longer process than we might like.

Players using social media: For the most part it’s something the players and fans enjoy. No sense in wishing it wasn’t here. They talk to the team and staff about being smart about what you put on social media. They key is for the guys to think before they push that button.

Similar juncture now of parting ways with veterans like there was back in the 80s: We have guys who have made tremendous contributions to our success. A lot of them will go down as “all time Steelers”. There are some tough decisions to be made, and parting ways with some potentially won’t be easy. It’s a business and we have to be at the top of our game every week.

On 3,000 more seats being added to Heinz:  They will be on the open end of the stadium, similar setup to Winter Classic, but not exactly the same. New seats won’t be available until 2013. Seats will be in lower end of stadium, so it won’t change he wind pattern very much.

On if Defense still wins championships? As far as we’re concerned, defense does still win championships.

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