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AFC-NFC Pro Bowl Rules

The rules that the NFL has set when it comes to the Pro Bowl are different than games played during the pre season, regular season, and post season. The point of watching the Pro Bowl is not to see great football being played. It’s to watch the “best of the best” all on the field at the same time, as voted on by the fans, coaches, and players. You won’t see great defense, other than the occasional nice interception. You do tend to see a lot of big plays by the offense down field though.

The Pro Bowl has different rules from other NFL games in order to try and avoid major injury as much as possible since this is an exhibition game and doesn’t count towards any records for either side.

  • No motion or shifting by the offense
  • Offense must have a tight end in all formations
  • Offense can’t have 3 receivers on a side
  • Intentional grounding is legal
  • Defense must run a 4-3 at all times
  • No press coverage except inside the 5 yard line
  • No blitz
  • Not allowed to rush a Punt, PAT or FG attempt
  • No calls can be challenged
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