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Steelers players possibly on the trading block for 2011?

In the forums we’ve been discussing the recent rumors of a group of Steelers that could be put on the trading block when the time comes. With so much uncertainty in the NFL right now surrounding the labor talks there is no way to tell when a new CBA will get signed and/or how the 2011 season will work.  In any event though, several Steelers players coming off either injury plagued seasons or have had performance issues could potentially made available. This is all speculation of course but it’s interesting to think about.

Here is some of the fan reactions and insight to these rumors:

William Gay – I think this team is set with Gatorade containers and towels, so I doubt he’ll be traded.

Byron Leftwich – I don’t think the team will try hard to bring back Dixon, so I’m not sure they’ll sacrifice a serviceable backup for anything.

Jonathan Dwyer – He hasn’t done anything, so he would not bring anything in return.

Aaron Smith – I would be surprised by this move because Smith is still an asset for this team. Based on recent injuries, I don’t think he would bring much in return.

Larry Foote – An aging middle linebacker. He’d be mainly a backup, maybe a starter on a bottom tier team. Based on his last few seasons, I doubt he would bring much in return.

Antwann Randle El- I could see the team getting maybe a little in return for him, but not anything more than a very late round pick. Chances are he’ll just be cut prior to the season.


As far as our guys go, the Steelers won’t trade Aaron Smith, they will just restructure his contract. Smith is a Lebeau kind of guy, they’ll keep him around for another year so Heyward can get some experience and then probably release him in 2012, atleast that’s my guess.

Gay’s job is on the line especially now that the Steelers brought in Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen. Throw the potential of Crezdon Butler, along with Anthony Madison and Kennan Lewis and Bryant McFadden; you can see the secondary is going to be an every man for himself scenario for 2011. Assuming Ike Taylor is resigned, the Steelers won’t keep all those cornerbacks on the roster. I could see a secondary of:

Ike Taylor
Curtis Brown
Crezdon Butler
William Gay
Cortez Allen – mainly special teams to start out I would think.
Don’t count out McFadden because when he’s healthy he’s good but he was not healthy most of last year and he struggled.

Randle El most likely won’t return. The Steelers are stacked at WR now. Both Sanders and Brown have proven they are ready to step up and carry a bigger load at WR.

Larry Foote still has a role on this team. He’s a veteran linebacker that can play ST. He can step in at MLB in a heartbeat and play well. He’ll be back.

Jonathan Dwyer – I’m thinking he will probably get another shot.  Even though the Steelers drafted Baron Batch, he is a 3rd down back whereas Dwyer can play FB and is more of a power type runner. They wouldn’t get anything of trade value for Dwyer anyway.


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