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Steelers 2011 NFL Draft Grades

The 2011 NFL draft has come and gone, the Steelers picked up 7 good prospects to help build their 2011 roster. The forums have been buzzing with many weighing in on how they thought the Steelers did in this years draft.


1st Round – 31st Overall – Cameron Heyward, DT, OSU – 
2nd Round – 63rd Overall – Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida -
3rd Round – 95th Overall – Curtis Brown, CB, Texas –
4th Round – 128th Overall – Cortez Allen, CB, Citadel –
5th Round – 162nd Overall – Chris Carter, LB, Fresno State –
6th Round – 196th Overall – Keith Williams, OL, Nebraska –
7th Round – 232nd Overall – Baron Batch, RB, Texas Tech –

Here are some of the responses we’ve been getting:

I loved our draft. I was really hoping for a CB in the 1st but I think the Steelers knew that Brown would be there in the 3rd and felt he was as good as anyone they could have gotten earlier. For the past few years we have drafted at least 2 guys that have turned out to be really big parts of this team within their first 2 years. I cannot wait to see this draft class contribute and make an impact. If Gilbert turns out to be a solid player and Starks and Colon come back 100% then our O line COULD be an asset instead of a liability for the first time since 2005. This almost scares me, will Ben even know what to do if we give him 5-6 seconds to throw without having to dodge the blitz? With Sanders, Brown, Wallace, Ward, and Heath he can easily find an open man and we can finally run the kind of O that BA has envisioned. Heyward seems to be a perfect fit for our system and we can bring him along slowly. Along with Ziggy we only need a NT to secure an elite D line for the next generation. The Citadel CB that we drafted is simply a project, as long a Crezdon turns out to be as good as I think he can be and we bring back Ike, our D will be super solid.
I thought Colbert/Tomlin did a solid job in getting value with their picks overall…..Heyward, Gilbert, Brown all will be starters for this team one day…..Heyward has the potential to be the best 3-4 DE in the NFL one day…….

The Steelers seem to be high on Cortez Allen so I’ll just sit back and wait see what happens with him……

I think its clear Chris Carter is really good as rushing the passer…..But can he make the transition to 3-4 OLB?….If so the Steelers will have another potential stud at OLB……

In my opinion Williams and Batch at best will be role players but really that late in the draft its really all you can expect………

Initial indications from just what we know about the players from their college days and how we think they’ll fit in, I’d probably give it an A overall. Mainly because there were 3 main needs on this team going in and they addressed all 3 with quality players. If you can do that, and then gain some potential value in the later rounds there’s no reason to not give a high score. All 3 of the top draftees will have a chance to make an impact in 2011.

The Steelers stayed the course, resisted the opportunity to trade up and fortunately the players they wanted fell to them. We don’t know if they were coveting others that eventually got taken away or not, but in the end it’s hard to find fault with any of them.

Check out the forums to see all the comments.
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