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Keith Williams conference call transcript & initial overview

Williams is a project with a decent upsize when it comes to how he fits in with the Steelers.  Nebraska has a history of turning out big time NFL lineman and he does have the physical attributes to be a solid lineman. The Steelers have been consciously working to solidify their offensive line, and while the starters are pretty much set for next year, Williams will have the chance to compete for a backup role behind either Chris Kemoeatu or Ramon Foster. I should clarify that the Steelers RG position in particular could be up for grabs in training camp but it’s unlikely that Williams would be able to take over that spot this year.  Either way he will have his chance to succeed but there are a lot of bodies fighting for the precious few backup spots on Sean Kugler’s offensive line roster.  He plays very tall which means he can be out leveraged at the point of attack, and he lacks good quickness, so those are things that coach Sean Kugler will have to work with him on. He’s a value pick that won’t cost the Steelers much if he does make the team.


Keith Williams Conference Call

How do you feel to be a Pittsburgh Steeler?
It’s great, it’s real great.  I’m very, very, very happy and fortunate.  It’s been very amazing.

What was it like to play for Bo Pelini?
It was fun.  He’s very intense, he’s an intense guy, but he’s all about getting work done.  We had a good time out there in Nebraska.

Coach Kugler said he likes that you have a little “nasty” to use.  Is that something Coach Pelini tends to bring out of his players, particularly the offensive linemen out there?
He does.  The thing about Nebraska is we try to compete at a high level all the time, give it everything we got and playing up-front relentless.  That’s the way we work.  It’s been fun.

Coach Kugler said you get after it in the run game, but need a little help in the pass pro.  Is that what you’re looking to improve upon?
Yes, my run game, I’m very aggressive.  I like to finish.  I like to get after it.  When it comes to passing I need a little work there.  I’m ready to go.

Re: Lockout affecting late draft picks:
I don’t think so. I think I’m going to come in and try to compete, and give everything I’ve got. I’ve only got one shot.

Re: Thoughts on Steelers during visit:
When I was visiting the Steelers I was very happy. The Steelers like to run the ball a lot and I was really happy about that. Being drafted by the Steelers is a really great thing.

What will you do if this lockout continues? Will you train out there?
Exactly. I will keep up with my training and keep that going. That’s about it.

Did you have any battles with Ndamukong Suh?
Yes, it’s been fun going up against Ndamukong Suh. It was real fun.

How did you do?
I did well. It was fun.

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