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Cortez Allen conference call transcript & initial overview

Cortez Allen is a bit of a raw player but has a lot of natural talent and athletic ability. Coming from the Citadel, he had limited time to really work on his football skills but he took full advantage of the opportunities available to him.  He’s a good size athlete and plays the bump and run well. He will play a lot of special teams for the Steelers, which is a plus because he’s got a lot of experience at it from playing in college. Given the state of the state of the Steelers secondary, he will get his chance to fight for a roster spot backing up whoever the eventual starters will be. With all the questions marks at his position he has a prime opportunity to make a name for himself.



Cortez Allen Conference Call

Did you have a feeling Pittsburgh would be your destination?
I had no idea, but I’m happy.  I’m very, very happy to be a Steeler.

How did the Citadel routine cut into your football?
We do go through the military process and military things as far as marching and drills.  But when we have an opportunity to do football, we’re in football.  So, we’re not fully involved in everything military at The Citadel.  When it’s during the season, our main focus is football as far as doing drills and things like that.  I don’t think it hinders me at all.  If anything, it makes me a better person to be able to manage all that.  We go through that.

Coach Lake said you got a late start to the game.
That’s just kind of how it happened.  I moved around a lot in the earlier years, so I didn’t really get a chance to get into little league football or anything like that.  When I got to high school, I kind of just saw what worked for me.  Sophomore year I played basketball, only did one sport that year.  Junior year, I tried to play varsity, but they told me they were a little far ahead so I had to play JV.  When I got the chance to play varsity my senior year and was doing pretty good at it, and ended up at the Citadel and ended up being a Steeler.

What schools recruited you out of high school?
Sam U. [Sam Houston State University], Cincinnati, Bethune-Cookman, SIU [Southern Illinois University], Colgate, The Citadel, and some other small schools

Re: Military Obligations:
No, that’s a choice for the student, but it’s not a requirement.

You could make the choice to go into the military upon graduation, but you don’t have to?
I would go in as a second lieutenant like any other military college.

Re: Decision to pick the Citadel:
It’s a different experience. I felt that going in there would prepare me for life. I thought the opportunity granted me unlike any other school, and that’s the choice I went with.  I felt that if I worked hard enough I would get noticed playing football, and that’s what happened.

Re: Fitting in with the other picks:
I’m a hard worker, and I’m coming from a hard-working school, a school of hard work, leadership, and success. I feel like I have the ability to stand out and contribute just as well as the other guys.

Re: On-field stand point from a DB:
I’m hard working and highly competitive. I’m very coachable. I’m willing to get the job done and able to compete.

Re: Special teams play:
I played on every special team except for kick-off return.

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