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What The Steelers’ Draftees Should Expect

Let’s be honest shall we? The NFL Draft has become an epic sporting event. Although I can be one to dabble in the realm of hyperbole, it is clear what I am saying is fact. It is now on two networks. For 3 straight days! If this is not a premiere sporting event than I don’t know what is. There will be Thursday night draft parties and even Saturday draft parties and I suppose even some that will start on Thursday and run non-stop right through the pick of ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ himself sometime over the weekend. The Draft is really the only time of the year where fans of all teams can come together with really nothing to be bitter about with each other. I suppose Philly fan would be an exception, but you know what I mean. I would be curious to see the increase in usage of mobile device apps during the NFL Draft because I guarantee you those that are not able to watch because of work or whatever will be glued to their PDA’s. No matter how you slice it, the NFL Draft is a holiday now just like Super Bowl Sunday, without the horrible halftime show though….

            There are several young men out there today who are going to be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the coming days and I think it’s important that they know exactly what is going to be expected of them. First of all, you are going to be part of arguably the greatest professional football franchise in history. Not because of winning super bowls or how many Hall of Famers we have, but because the way we do things is as much a part of our tradition as anything else. Embarrassing the franchise is probably the worst thing you can do. Ask Ben or ask Santonio Holmes. Yes, there is an argument to be made that these players were treated as differently as apples and oranges, but let’s not forget this is a business too. Regardless of whether many in the Nation wanted Ben traded or not, the fact remains that he is still with us and led us to his third super bowl. My guess is that if any of you ‘soon to be rookies’ asked Ben about the last year of his life, he would probably scare you straight on the spot. Be that as it may, but we do things a certain way that our Chief, Art Rooney, instilled in his fledging franchise years ago. We aren’t into a lot of ‘self-promotion,’ but we’ll tolerate a few shampoo commercials now and then. We don’t like losing. This franchise saw enough of that from 1933 through about 1970 so we are in no hurry to return to that, or the late Noll Years for that matter. We don’t have 18 uniform combinations so I hope you enjoy the black n’ gold. No, our helmet is not missing anything either. It’s part of the tradition! You may see fans waving these golden-yellow towels and not just at home games. These are our ‘Terrible Towels.’ Make sure you get to know who Myron Cope is and quickly. It’s THAT important you understand the Towel and its’ power. You also need to know that Pittsburgh is not like New York or Boston or Los Angeles. Pittsburgh is tight and privacy is much harder to come by so be prepared to be spotted anywhere you go and urinating in the streets is not a good idea either regardless of who is covering for you. When you play well, you’ll know it. When you play poorly. You’ll know it. Not playing hard is not an option. People in the ‘Burgh work hard as all of Steeler Nation does so lack of effort is not acceptable. Regardless of whether you are a ‘popular draft pick’ or not, you’ll be welcome and you’ll be in demand at training camp. Accept it, sign autographs and soak it all in. You are going to be part of something incredible that so few people will ever get to experience. You might also want to take note of the 6 Lombardi Trophies as you enter the Great Hall. We’d appreciate your efforts in adding to that case. Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers!


  • Hines Ward and partner Kym Johnson were excellent again last night on DWTS. While they outpointed Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas, I’ve read two different stories today saying that Kane is the better dancer and the judges’ erred in scoring Hines higher. There may indeed be some truth in that, but let’s face it, Hines has been more consistent and his smile is cleary infecting the judges.
  • The Steelers continue to give no signs as to who exactly they are targeting at pick #31 in the draft, but that is not uncommon. Too difficult to really know how the draft will play out, but anything other than OL, DB and possibly DL would be unacceptable.
  • Great show last week on Steeler Addicts Radio where one of our draft gurus KTrain went over his mock draft and talked about some guys to keep an eye. He knows his stuff, so it’s definitely worth a listen if you get a chance. I think we’re going to do one more show before the draft next week.



  • From SI’s Peter King regarding the draft and Browns’ RB Peyton HIllis being the Madden cover boy…. SI_PeterKing
      RT @nickski24: For Cle fans, draft is usually our super bowl. This year we actually have a player in finals of something … That is sad
  • From Steelers’ LB LaMarr Woodley…. LaMarrWoodley   I cant believe it i literally just saw a cop driving and texting.. i wanted to citizen’s arrest him lol


Have a great day Steeler Nation!

Marc ‘SteelDad’ Uhlmann

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