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Some great Steeler one-on-one moments

Some of our most memorable Steeler moments involve great “one-on-one” plays. Times where the game was on the line and a Steeler was head to head in a battle to make a play, and ended up coming out on top. Here are some that we’ve come up with over on the forums. Think about some of the great ones that you recall…

  • From DarthMonk: In Super Bowl XIV the Steelers trailed the Rams 19-17 and faced a 3rd and 8 from their own 27. Bradshaw took the snap, faked a handoff, and then threw a pass to Stallworth who beat Rod Perry on a streak pattern. Stallworth took it all the way to the end zone for a 73-yard go-ahead touchdown to make the score 24-19 for the Steelers.
  • From Phenomal TJ:  Roethlisberger/Harper was a good one on one moment. – The Tackle.
  • Polamalu’s diving pick of Phillip Rivers in the playoffs a few years ago was nice.
    So was his pick against Peyton Manning that got ruled an incompletion, because the officials were taking a smoke break at the time.
  • From JPele:  Bettis takes a handoff runs left and is heading out of bounds when he spots Ray Lewis, Jerome then heads up field lowers his shoulder and plows into Lewis and goes another 5 yards.
  • From BRC: Roethlisberger about to get sacked by Suggs, in the 2009 season I believe it was. Suggs was hanging all over Ben and he managed to get away just enough to throw it out of bounds to save field position.
  • Ryan Clark’s hits on McGahee & Welker – moments of beauty.
  • Norm Johnson epic pile drive tackle.
  • From some of our Facebook friends:    Terry Bradshaws TD pass to John Stalworth that broke the rams back in superbowl 14. thats a classic.
    Ben’s touchdown pass to Holmes at the last minute in the corner of the endzone in the Super Bowl !!
    Lynn Swanns amazing superbowl catch.
  • James Harrison’s interception return vs the Cardinals. Not really one on one, more like 1 on 11 but Harrison survived that long run to score the TD.
  • Ben to Holmes vs the Ravens for the one of the most controversial TD catches in NFL history. Did the ball cross the plain?  Yes it did, barely.



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  1. NChurch

    Lawrence timmons epic hit on derrick mason. The most amazing hit ive ever seen.

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