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What The Lockout Is Robbing Us Of

At a time when you and I should be thinking about the draft (many still are because it’s all we have), free agency, the impending 2011 schedule release and so on, we are left with nothing but animosity between the NFL Owners and the Players Association. Can I still call it that? I know they de-certified and are not the NFLPA, but is Players’ Association OK? I don’t want to be fined or anything. Anyway, this constant stream of  ‘they said this’ and ‘they said that’ has made us forget just what exactly we are missing out on. Although none of this is new to any of you, I thought a refresher would help get us through these horrible days of Lockout 2011.

Normally, right now we are discussing free agency and the draft. While the draft is still going to happen, it just doesn’t feel the same especially because what your team does in FA can change what you do in the draft. So let me take a look at what we’re missing without the wonderful world of NFL Free Agency.

  • I miss the annual rite of passage coming from the nation’s capital, errrrrr, Landover, Maryland where Redskins’ Owner Daniel Snyder will already have signed at least 3 over-priced and aging free agents.
  • I feel completely robbed of many of my Steelers’ fans screaming that we should sign this guy and sign that guy even though every darn one of you know we just don’t sign high-priced FA’s.
  • What will I do without my daily dose of ESPN’s Ed Werder reporting live from outside ‘JerryWorld’ in Dallas telling us what the ‘World’s Worst Super Bowl Host’ is up to in FA?
  • Speaking of being ‘live,’ how can I survive without Sal Paolantonio positioned dutifully outside Eagles’ offices in Philly? Will they trade Kevin Kolb? Will they sign Vick long-term? I need to know Sal!! Damn you lockout!!
  • How can I move on without Lions’ fans blaming Matt Millen for everything from the Lions stinking to the high unemployment in Michigan?
  • This lockout is robbing me of Tim Tebow news from Denver. Will he start? Will Orton start? I need to know the rumors!
  • Hey San Diego? I’m going through withdrawals right now wondering just when Norv Turner will reveal the naked pictures he must have of GM AJ Smith because that has to be the only reason they keep Turner as Head Coach.
  • Because I didn’t get enough of it in the post-season, where is Rex Ryan? Ya, I heard he guaranteed a Super Bowl for his Jets again this year, but how much longer do I need to go without a ‘foot fetish’ update?
  • I haven’t heard anything about Jay Cutler’s knee. Was he injured or not? We know there is video of him walking around just fine with his girlfriend Kristin Cavalry? It’s something like that…. Either way, I know there is more drama in the Chicago locker room and I am being stripped of those rumors!
  • I’ve already had to endure ‘Greg Jennings Day’ here in Kalamazoo. How much longer are both sides going to wait before I get ‘Aaron Rodgers Beatification’ ceremony? Huh? How much longer? Oh wait, you have to be dead before that can happen. Sorry Packers’ fans. It’ll have to wait.
  • I really can’t go much longer either without hearing about how the Ravens Free Agent signings are ‘guaranteed’ to bring them a Super Bowl berth.
  • I’m literally in stitches wondering what quarterback the Browns will start this season. Would anyone be shocked if they traded to get Brady Quinn back? See, these are things I need to know.
  • I cannot stand not knowing more about Carson Palmer’s retirement threats. Please Carson, stay in Cincy. We have enjoyed beating you so much over the years that the thought of Troy Polamalu pick-sixing anyone else just doesn’t do it for me.

These are just a few of the things that this lockout is stealing from us. I implore you Players and Owners to please get this thing done. I refuse to watch the UFL and the NHL Playoffs are fantastic, but the drama they provide is nothing compared to getting a report from Mississippi on whether Brett Favre is returning. Again. And Again. So as we all sit back and hope that some morning we’ll wake up and hear of a new CBA we are left to ponder what wonderful tidbits of information tweeted by Chris Mortenson or Adam Schefter we’d normally be getting. I feel robbed.


  • Fantastic job last night by Hines Ward on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Franco in the audience waving the Terrible Towel, legions of the Nation rooting him on across Twitter and Facebook and other social media. Hines’ partner Kym Johnson is quite nice as well. A fine dancer and she isn’t bad looking either.
  • Art Rooney II went on the record as saying we don’t need to change or add anything to instant replay and I agree. While I know I’m in the minority, I’ve never liked using IR, but since we have it, let’s continue to refine it and not make it extend these games any longer than they already do.
  • For you season ticket holders, looks like lockout or not, you still need to pay up.
  • Troy is running a March Madness tourney with the winner getting an autographed jersey. I’m in the tourney, but my picks sucked.


Have a great day Steeler Nation!

Marc ‘SteelDad’ Uhlmann

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