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The players are still united, but are the fans?

Is this lockout starting leave a sour taste in your mouth yet? I know it is for me, but it’s still “ok” for right now because the draft isn’t here yet. Once that hits and we continue down this current path, things will go downhill at a more rapid pace. When I say it’s “ok”, I don’t mean that it’s ok that we are in a lockout, but rather that we can still have hope for a 2011 season with minimal impact from the issues that plague our sport right now. Currently our focus is still on the draft as it always is this time of the year, and that’s something positive in the sea of negativity that is the NFL these days. Sure things are different now because there is no free agency, but for the time being we take what we can get.

We as fans and writers (myself being one in the same) spend our offseason days scouring the web for any tidbit of news on our Steelers but now we add to that list any tidbit of good news on a possible end to this lockout. In the case of this work stoppage, no news is not good news, but it is news nonetheless and gives us something to write about; something to talk about around the water cooler and on message boards with our fellow NFL fans.

Listening to Sirius NFL Radio the other day I was reminded of just how much the fans are tired of this. We are football fans. We are fans of what is supposed to be the best sport in the world. A sport that learned its lesson from the strike in the 80’s and learned from the mistakes in the NHL, MLB, and the NBA. Regardless of what our team does on any given year we can always prop our hats on the fact that there will be a “next year”. Here we are now experiencing first hand everything that we despised, making our sport no better than any other when it comes right down to it. When the greed and deceit of both parties comes to a head like this; where human beings can’t figure out how to divvy up 9 billion dollars. It’s disgraceful. Both parties may be right in some areas, but both are clearly also wrong in some areas too.

No matter what level of fan we claim to be, we are all getting tired of this and it’s only been a couple months since the serious talks that we had hope for broke down. If it’s getting this old now, imagine how old it’s going to be in August if there is no football. Let us hope the meeting of the minds come to their senses soon.


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