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How much more time does Moore have?

One question that may not be getting that much attention involves the Steelers backfield.  What about Mewelde Moore? One wonders if  the Steelers will bring in another back in the draft and let Moore walk. That would make Mendenhall & Redman the 1-2 punch and the new face as the primary backup.

Moore proved in 2010 that he can still be a factor, especially late in the year and in the playoffs. He is still as good as anyone in the league in blitz pickup and has a knack of getting the first down on those toss sweeps, swing passes, or dump offs in the flat. He is a free agent and won’t garner much in the way of offers from other teams, atleast not for big money. As far as we know he’s pretty happy in Pittsburgh and wants to return in the future. It won’t cost an arm & a leg to bring him back but is it time to cut the ties, or atleast decrease his role to make way for Redman?

I really think Redman is up to the challenge next year. Up to this point Moore has been the one to spell Mendenhall at various times in the game, but I think Redman is up for the task and has earned the chance to take over that role. Mendenhall is the complete package with speed, power, agility, and quickness all rolled up into one. Redman has the power and the ability to find the small gap and get that first down. I think he could excel with more playing time.  Yes, Memo is still valuable and it shouldn’t surprise any of us if the Steelers are able to bring him back.  However, sooner or later we really need to see what Redman can do with more than just a couple carries per game.


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