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Hines gives us something to cheer about this offseason

The Steeler Nation finds itself in an unusual position this  particular offseason, we actually have some to cheer about right now.  Normally our sole focus is the Draft and Free Agency. With the latter out of the picture for the time being while the NFL & the Players try to work out their differences in court, the draft preparations are in full swing. We are looking forward to seeing what Colbert & Tomlin are going to do later next month to help fortify the black ‘n gold, but right now there is something different to focus on.

The NFL’s toughest Wide Receiver and future Hall of Famer Hines Ward has embarked on a mission to take on the ABC hit series, Dancing with the Stars. He is paired up with professional Kym Johnson and their debut on season 12 of the show was tonight at 8pm EST.  Before Ward took the dance floor, the clips of him practicing and working on his routine with Johnson showed everyone just how difficult professional ballroom dancing is.  Hines had his usual smile going strong, but so is his determination. He may not be hitting the field right now, but this competition is all business and he is as focused as you’d expect a player like Hines Ward to be. Time will tell just how well he does, but based on his performance tonight I’d say he’s got as good a chance as any of the other competitors, and better than many of them, of advancing far.  Once Ward took the dance floor  the Steeler faithful wasted no time lighting up cell waves and website voting in support of our guy. Nobody was voted off tonight but next week someone will go home.  Ward and Johnson scored a total of 21 points tonight (7 out of 10 from each of the 3 judges). A very good score for the first show of the season and one of the best of the night overall.

Personally, I think it’s great for us fans to be able cheer for and follow a Steeler in such a unique setting.  While DWTS is not your typical show for most Steeler fans, it’s bringing out an excitement in the Steeler Nation that you don’t normally see in late March.  Seeing the social media explode tonight when Ward took the floor was proof positive that even if Hines isn’t putting on his uniform, he’s got the full support of the fans.



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