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The time for talk is over

Steeler Nation, the day is upon us, the time for talk is over, it’s time to walk the walk. Stairway to 7 is finally upon us!  As we get ready for the game to start today we are reminded of how tumultuous, crazy, fun, interesting, gut wrenching, and exciting this year has been. The ups and downs of the 2010 Steelers season have been well documented and of course are still fresh in our minds. From the offseason that we’d all like to forget, right up until today. The wins, the losses, the injuries, the drama that was 2010 for our Steelers finally comes to a head today.

Perhaps you’ve spent the last 2 weeks glued to the internet, radio, and TV taking in all the hype, trying to get every last tidbit of Super Bowl info that you can.  Relishing the moment, soaking up the Super Bowl vibe.   Maybe you’ve just ignored most of it because you’re just so tired of hearing how great Aaron Rodgers is, how the Packer receiving corp is the best ever, how Clay Matthew’s will get 30 sacks and Charles Woodson will have 16 interceptions. Personally, I am in the latter category. I had my fill of Super Bowl hype shortly after it started.  For those of us that live, eat, and breathe football, the analysis given by the so called experts is telling us things we already know.  You can only break down matchups so many times, analyze the Quarterbacks so many times, talk about how great the defenses are so many times.  That insight given on your television screen has been drowned out by the love fest for the Packers that overshadows virtually all the talk.  Taking nothing away from Green Bay, they earned the right to play today, they overcame their own obstacles to get to this point. They are the best the NFC has to offer, bar none. The problem is, given the way that the Steelers have been treated all year by the NFL and the media, it’s no wonder that the darlings of the NFL are the Packers, or pretty much anyone who plays the Steelers.

Today is the day that champions are made. The Steelers understand what has to be done, what’s at stake, how to rise to the occasion.  So now, here we sit on Super Bowl Sunday, with our Steelers looking for their 3rd Super Bowl win since 2005.  The Steeler Nation knows what it’s all about it, we understand what it means to be part of a family who supports such a special group of players.  We’re intelligent enough to sift through all the hype and realize that the game is not over yet, that no matter how great the opposition is, our team can overcome and take care of business.  We relish the underdog role given to us, the chance to show the NFL world yet again what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. We take nothing for granted, nothing lightly, we know these moments are special.  We lived through all the lean years in the 80’s. We survived the heartbreaks of the 90’s, coming “just this close” but never getting over the final hurdle. We were overjoyed in XL when the “One for the Thumb” was finally attained.  We enjoyed even more, Super Bowl XLIII when the Steelers rode the underdog wave all the way to our 6th Lombardi.

Now it’s all up to the players. All the work put in will be tested in a way that many think is insurmountable. A task seemingly greater than anything they have seen all year, and one that cannot be conquered.  I say to you Steeler Nation, today is our day!  Today is the day we come together, united, waving our Terrible Towels! Put on those jerseys, get that face painted, surround yourself with black ‘n gold faithful and stand tall!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday, our Pittsburgh Steelers will rise to the occasion!

This is where the Steelers find themselves, being left for dead before the year even started and now on the last game of the 2010 season they have come full circle. The players never stopped believing, the fans never stopped believing and now the Pittsburgh Steelers are in Super Bowl XLV, HERE WE GO!!!

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