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Steelers hopeful “Coach Dad” returns for 2011


The Pittsburgh Steelers are hopeful about formalizing a new contract with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau next week, according to league sources.

LeBeau, a driving force behind Pittsburgh’s dominant defenses, has given the club strong indications he will return, but wants to take the weekend to fully consider the decision.

LeBeau told the club he will give them a final decision early next week, and the Steelers are hopeful he will be back for another season.   “It looks very positive,” said one source with knowledge of the situation.
That decision could come as soon as Monday. The Steelers would then execute a one-year deal for LeBeau, a Hall of Famer who essentially goes year-to-year at this stage of his career

After the loss to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV, the Steelers blocked the Arizona Cardinals from interviewing linebackers coach Keith Butler for their defensive coordinator position. Butler is believed to be the team’s top choice follow LeBeau as coordinator.

Every Steeler fan wants to see  Lebeau return,  while we know Butler is waiting in the wings and I’m sure will do a great job when his time comes, Lebeau is the man until he says he’s ready to hang it up. You don’t find old school geniuses like him any more.  Truly one of the best men period to every take the field in the NFL. I’m sure Dick wants atleast 1 more shot at another Super Bowl before he retires.   Let’s hope so at least…

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