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Steeler Nation does not waiver

Being a Steeler fan is not something that is taken lightly. We aren’t fans because it’s cool, convenient, or hip. We don’t cheer for the black ‘n gold just because they win, or because everybody else does it. We don’t jump off the bandwagon when they lose. We don’t stop wearing our jerseys just because our team has a bad game. Being a Steeler fan is more than just t-shirts, terrible towels, and Heinz Field. It’s a way a life, it’s something to be proud of. Something that is passed down from generation to generation. We hold onto our pride in the Steelers in good times and in bad, and we don’t waiver no matter how bad it gets.

We were fans in the 80’s when the Steelers went through the lean years of seeing the dynasty players retire or leave for other cities. A proud team fresh off 4 super bowl titles now struggling to have winning seasons. A decade filled with the likes of Quarterbacks named Cliff Stoudt and Bubby Brister. We stayed with our team during the 90’s when a young, upstart, and excitable coach named Bill Cowher took over. A more successful era to say the least, but still one where the Steelers just could not get over the hurdle to finally get that “One for the Thumb”. Now in the 2K era we’ve seen our Steelers go to 3 Super Bowls since 2005 and win 2 of them. By far the most successful time for our Steelers since the 70’s, and the fans who have been there before are still here.

Sure we have our down times, which include heartbreaking losses in the biggest of games but the fans stay strong. We welcome back our team with our towels and Steeler pride, no matter what. The loss in Super Bowl XLV is still fresh in our minds, a game that will stick in our memories as the one that got away. We watched our Steelers overcome obstacle after obstacle, triumphant in every necessary situation to finally arrive in Dallas last week. They stuck together, gave it their all, never stopped believing in themselves or their coaches. They weren’t perfect, but they never gave up. The fans came out from all over the country to show support. We would expect nothing less from our team and they expect nothing less from us. Even in the wake of a loss as big as this, knowing how close they came to grabbing that 7th Lombardi we know that we will be back.

The Rooney’s will make sure that they give Coach Tomlin the tools he needs to field a competitive team in the future. The Steeler Nation will survive and we will thrive. We will be there for the NFL Draft in the spring, we’ll be there for Training Camp this coming summer, and we will be there opening day 2011 (assuming there is one). Yes, we lost the Super Bowl,and to be honest the feeling just sucks. However, being a Steeler fan is not just about Super Bowls, it’s deeper than that. It means being a fan through thick and thin, supporting our team no matter what happens. It’s a way of life that others outside of the Steeler family just don’t understand. We do though, we know what it means to be part of the Steelers and we will be back!

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    Thank God that this piece of litereature was written. It is exactly what this devout Steeler fan needed to read. In just one week after the superbowl loss, we have been laughed at, ridiculed, ignored, rejected, tortured, criticized, slammed, and decimated our Steeler defense for the loss that occurred that night. Additionally, everyone else but the Steeler Nation all wanted to see us fail due to our QB’s bad reputation. All of this negative “media based” information that is putting down the Pittsburgh Steelers for this loss will have a price to pay. Everything that is said about the Steelers in a horrible fashion will only motivate and invigorate the Steeler Nation and the players of Steel Town. Let’s not forget that there was only one true turnover that happened in the game. The other two were by chance or luck. Take away won turnover and we win by 1. Our stats were better on the ground. Greenbay only scored one true offensive touchdown. the rest were due to the momentum following a Steeler turnover. The NFL needs to shut its mouth as well. We never get any credit anyway throughout the season and we are now marked as “dirty” due to the unfair and biased Harrison hits. The Pittsburgh Steelrs will be back next year!!!!! The media, the NFL , and the press all have given up on the Steelers. It is only imperative that we as, The Steeler Nation, stand by our troops to encourage them to press on hard in the next year!!!! We love and support our Pittsburgh Steelers!!!! We bleed black and yellow!!!!

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