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Upcoming events on SA

Just a few tidbits to look forward too in the next week leading up to the super bowl. One of our own on Steeler Addicts members, and my right hand man on the site, AZ_Steeler scored tickets to the game! He will be there Saturday-Monday and will give us some updates on the experience and share pictures that he will be taking.  Also next week on the podcast, former Steelers running back and master of the pre game warmup dance, Verron Haynes will be calling into the show to tell us about life at the Super Bowl from a players point of view. 

We’ll also write more articles in our Road to Dallas series as we ramp up for the big game next Sunday!  Stay tuned, there’s big stuff in store!  Here We Go! As always, join the fun in the forums, we’re non stop Steeler and Super Bowl talk, including all the latest news on the players and injury updates.


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