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The wait is over, gameday is here!

The day is finally here, after what most Steeler fans have called “the longest week ever” or said “OMG is it Sunday yet” about a hundred times before today, finally the day as arrived. It’s NFL Championship weekend, for the right to play in Super Bowl XLV. This is the Steelers 15th  appearance in the AFCCG, and each one has it’s own unique memories. Some worried all week, some tried not to think about it, some did nothing but think about it, some were kept up at night, and I’m sure you can insert your own story here as well.  We as fans drive ourselves into a frenzy getting torqued up for big games like this. It’s bad enough during the regular season waiting for game day to arrive, but multiply that by 100 for a game like this.

We make last minute trips to the grocery store for the game day menu, making sure we don’t deviate from what has worked in the past. We make sure that if we washed our game day attire after the last win that we wash it again, with the same detergent and fabric softener. You be sure to use the same plates and glasses that you used last weekend, and better be sure you sit in the same place that you did previously.  Yes fans, our “mojination” (thank you Craig Wolfley) will be in full swing this evening. How we ever survived this week is a mystery but thankfully the wait is over.  A big thank you to our spouses, who for some of us still don’t quite “get it” as much we do.  For those that have partners who are as crazy as you are, I salute you! For those who’s spouses support you but don’t quite get the craziness, props to you. Finally to those who’s better halves just don’t get it at all, the biggest applause goes out to you!  Crazy, wild, insane, passionate, all these can be used as references to NFL fans, and in particular us “never say die” Steeler fans.  Those who don’t follow football or perhaps only from a distance will never understand. That doesn’t deter us though, we wear our gear, talk about the team at work, and do whatever is necessary to survive until gametime…and then the REAL fun begins! 

No matter how you spend your game day, enjoy it and wave your Terrible Towel loud and proud tonight!  The Heinz Field capacity crowd will be rockin’ and those of us at home will be too! This one is for the team, the fans at Heinz, Myron Cope, and all the Steeler Nation around the world! It’s time to take down the Jets and move on to Super Bowl XLV!  Here We Go!

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