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“Sixburgh Steel” by Bufu aka HBurg – Exclusive

Our very own SteelerAddict, Bufu aka HBurg, has done it again. This one was a long time coming but it was worth the wait and what better time to release “Sixburgh Steel” than just before the Steelers go for #7 next Sunday!   Bufu created “We Got Five” in celebration of our 1 for the thumb after the epic win in Super Bowl XL as well. You can hear the audio to that one by clicking here or going to the Downloads page here on the blog. Incidentally he performed We Got Five, in Pittsburgh and got a standing ovation from the club crowd there.


We couldn’t be more proud of him,  all the hard work that he put into this has paid off.  He already knows if Pittsburgh should be fortunate as to win #7 then he’ll have some work to do ;)

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