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Officiating Crew for AFC Championship Game

Referee- Ed Hochuli
Umpire- Garth DeFelice (Blakeman)        
HL- Mark Hittner (Hochuli)
LJ- Tom Symonette (Hochuli)
SJ- Laird Hayes (Carey)
BJ- Dino Paganelli (Steratore)
FJ- Bob Waggoner (Steratore)
ALT Referee- Ron Winter
ALT FJ- Boris Cheek (Cheffers)

Personally I like Ed, I think he and Mike Carey are the two best in the game today, no question.  Hochuli will call his fair share of penalties, but usually he is pretty on with the correct calls, and isn’t afraid to pick up a flag if one is thrown in error. As we know, being Steeler fans, we are always behind the 8-ball when it comes to the officials but overall we have the best crew in the league so I’m happy with it.

For once this year the NFL got it right, putting a quality officiating team on for such a big game.  Oh, I’m sure he’ll miss some calls and we’ll still be screaming for a hold against James Harrison or Lamarr Woodley, but it could be worse. We could have Triplett calling this game.

Now, where is good ole Red Cashion when you need him… FIRST DOOWWWWNNNN!

BlitzburghRockCity –

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

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