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Legursky or Pouncey; do you change your approach?

Rumors are flying that Pouncey will miss the Super Bowl; if that holds up then of course Doug Legursky will get the start. Incidentally despite all the media telling us that Pouncey won’t play, I’ve said it a hundred since the injury…you don’t rule out Pouncey until Tomlin says so. That begs the question, if you are Bruce Arians, do you try and devise a plan to give him some help against Packers NT B.J. Raji?  If you do that, how much does it affect the protection on the outside? How much do you limit yourself by trying to gameplan around 1 person or 1 particular situation?

These are questions that the Steelers have been contemplating over the last week and as they they continue to watch film and break down the Packers as they head towards next Sunday evening. Honestly if you are the Steelers, even as good as Raji is, you do what you do. If you want to throw it then you throw it. If you want to run it, then you run it. Raji is good, but lets not kid ourselves into thinking he’s unstoppable. Legursky is compact and powerful, a good combination to have when you are a Center or Guard in the NFL. Is he a Maurkice Pouncey? No, but most guys aren’t. Perhaps in certain situations you give him some help either by design or as you watch the game unfold but overall he needs to handle his man. The power running of the Steelers has been coming off the right side here of late. Having Legursky block down and letting Mendenhall get up field quickly is something we will probably see the Steelers do a lot of in the game.

The running game is more important to the Steelers than it is to the Packes obviously. Give the Packers credit for trying to run it more lately and having some success but lets face if the Packers are going to win they will do it largely through the air. The Steelers like the running game, it’s important to their play action and important to keeping the pass rush atleast in check. Now does that mean the Steelers won’t attack through the air, of course not, but regardless the running game will be a significant part of the offense. Pouncey has been the rock of the line all year long, his presence will be felt if he is indeed not there. However, with 2 weeks to prepare don’t count out Legursky from putting in a solid performance. Sean Kugler will make sure he is more than prepared to handle the pressure.  The Steelers have overcome this type of adversity all year, why stop now?

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