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Is Nnamdi Asomugha a realistic option for the Steelers?

Adam Schefter of ESPN broke the news on Twitter (atleast that’s where I heard it first) that due to his contract stipulations, his contract was void and he will become a Free Agent this upcoming off-season.

Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha‘s contract voided and he will be allowed to become a free agent without the Oakland Raiders being able to use their franchise tag on him, Raiders senior executive John Herrera confirmed Sunday.  Asomugha’s deal included a little-known clause that said his contract would void if he didn’t achieve his not-likely-to-be-earned incentives in 2010 — and he didn’t.  His contract also contained a stipulation that if he didn’t achieve his incentives, the Raiders would agree not to designate him their franchise or transition player.***

A possibility for the Steelers?

This has become quite a spirited discussion over on the forums, I would encourage you to check it out and give us your thoughts!  There are thoughts either way as to if the Rooney’s would even consider paying the typ

e of money that Asomugha will want. His contract with the Raiders was 45.3 million over 3 years!  We all know the Steelers rarely break the bank of free agents, if ever, so that alone will dampen some spirits. Couple that with the fact that even though is no current salary cap due the CBA right now, the Steelers still run their organization with the thought that their is one.  So as not to get in a pickle if and when the new CBA is reached and what type of salary cap is in place.

Anyways, back to the topic. Nnamdi is going to want a boat load of money from whoever courts him, but considering the state of the Steelers secondary after the 2010 season is over, it maybe worth a look. Ike Taylor’s contract is up, and he is our best cornerback by far. He has stated many times he wants to finish his career in Pittsburgh but he knows it’s a business so anything is possible unfortunately.  Anthony Madison is also up for free agency although he will be a restricted free agent so the Steelers can still keep him if they want.  McFadden has not had a great year, and has battled through injuries. He is a gamer and definitely our best option opposite Ike on a weekly basis.  Will gay is the nickel back and frequently gets picked on by opposing offenses. He makes a lot of plays, especially on the corner blitz, but he also gets burned a good deal too.

Is it possible to see the Steelers bring back Ike (who will want not necessarily Revis type money but will be looking for a big payday) and land the coveted Asomugha as well?  One would doubt those chances but stranger things have happened with players who want to go to a good team.  Once the season is over it will be worth investigating the possibility especially if a deal with Ike isn’t likely to be reached.  The Steelers free agents are many this offseason so Kevin Colbert will have his plate full deciding who to try and keep and who to let go.  This one definitely bears watching.

***There are still some CBA issues to be worked out with this deal so nothing is 100% confirmed yet. I’m quite sure Al Davis will try his best to circumvent the rules any way he can.

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