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How bad do they want it?

Let’s take a couple minutes and examine how bad the Steelers want this possible trip to Dallas. In Saturday nights game, veteran Tackle Flozell Adams started the contest out in his usual position at Right Tackle.  Not a fan around knew what was really happening with the Hotel.  Things seemed fine with the big man, but by  Halftime he could barely stand up, being hit with an onslaught of  Flu like symptoms.  Team doctors & trainers tried everything to get the situation under control. Adams said,  “It hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve been sick like that since college. And to get sick now … ”              

He began vomiting and became so ill he could barely stand up.   Tomlin told the media later that, “He was puking his guts out…He puked out everything.”  For a guy who came here to win a super bowl, this was the worst thing that could happen. Compound that with Left Tackle Jonathan Scott leaving the game at the end of the 3rd quarter and suddenly Offensive Line Coach Sean Kugler was playing musical lineman again. Not a new sight, since the Steeler Offensive Line has been a make shift group for most of the year.

Out of nowhere, a man on mission, Flozell comes out of the locker room, to the sidelines,  and straight onto field. He knew Scott was down and with the Steelers fighting for their lives he was hell bent on getting back into the game. Tomlin and Trainer John Norwig had to physically bring him back to the sidelines. Defensive End Brett Keisel recalls Adams “staggering” as he tried to get back onto the field to help his team.  Tomlin later recalling the incident said “Wasn’t it an awesome sight seeing him trying to go out there?”… “I told him I appreciated him and what he was doing, but that, hopefully, we wouldn’t need him.”  It’s dedication like that, coming to the aid of your teammates, that makes a champion.

Antonio Brown, the rookie 6th round draft pick who makes the catch of his life; hanging onto a must have 58 yd. prayer on the side of his helmet, on 3rd and 19. Or 3rd round draftee Emmanuel Sanders who ends the day with 4 key catches for 54 yds.  James Harrison with a monster 5 Tackle, 2 Assist, 3 Sack performance, and Ryan Clark who forces the game changing Fumble and intercepts Joe Flacco to fuel the comeback fire.  The list of yesterdays hero’s go on and on, each person making multiple contributions to pull out the victory. Was this just about the Ravens vs. Steelers III? Not by a long stretch, this game went beyond all the hatred, violence, and normal animosity that is created in a game between these 2 rivals.  This was for the right to play another day, to stay off the living room couch,  to band together and do what needed to be done. They wanted it bad enough, and you can bet they’ll want it bad enough this coming Sunday night.

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Excerpts from this article were selected from the Post Gazette

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