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Did we really think it wouldn’t come down to this?

Did we really think this would end any other way Steeler fans?  Some of us hoped that the Chiefs would defy the odds and take down the hated, purple wearing, Baltimore Browns, this past weekend. I for one was one of those, for the single reason not that we can’t beat them, but rather after we do win will there be any players left standing to go into the conference championship game.  These games are always the most physical you can imagine in any NFL season, and normally the team with the most starters left standing and the ball in their hands last is the winner.  Go back to week 4 of this season, the Steelers had the Ravens dead to rights late in the game but a late rally by Flacco and their offense sealed the Steelers fate. We definitely let one get away in a physical battle that was close for the entire 60 minutes.  Fast forward to week 13 in Baltimore, this one was even more physical than the 1st matchup and it took some late heroics by Troy Polamalu on the strip/sack of Flacco to seal the win.

Listening to Craig Wolfley and Tunch Ilken on their daily radio show on Fox970am they talked about that very issue, would the Steelers have anything left for the next round if they had to play the Ravens again?  Tunch brought up a very valid point that, while these games are always tough, it’s not like the team hasn’t done this before.  Steelers vs Ravens happens twice a year every year.  Following the loss in week 4 we came back after the bye to beat the Browns. After the win in week 13 we came back and beat the Bengals. Granted, neither of those teams instill fear in anyone but the fact remains the Steelers recovered and came back to take care of business. Now the stakes are higher, the players know it’s win or go home, there’s no reason to think no matter who the opponent is that our black n gold will be anything other than primed and ready.

Fast forward to this week, the Divisional Round of the playoffs looms large and there is no reason to think this matchup will any different than previous ones.  On our way to our 6th Super Bowl win in XLIII we had to take down those hated rivals in the championship game, beating them 3 times in the same season.  Now, if we want to get the chance for that 7th ring the Ravens stand in our way.  I firmly believe our Steelers are up for the task, and who better to knock out of the post season than Baltimore, right?!  That’s no black n gold homer talk either, honestly when it’s a matchup like this the Steelers will give everything they have and then some to make sure this game results in a “W”.

As soon as the game was over this past weekend the trash talking began from both sides and it certainly won’t let up until game day and probably beyond no matter who wins.  Steeler fans and Raven fans live to trash talk each other, but that’s a story for another article (hhhmmm, I do believe I will oblige that urge shortly)

In short, do I think the Steelers will win? Hell yes I do!  Why, because it’s Steelers/Ravens and it’s the playoffs. We don’t lose to teams like Baltimore in the postseason. This team isn’t getting any younger so the time is now to get another ring!

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