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Ben doesn’t get respect, what else is new

Just watching NFL Network this morning as I pass the time until kickoff this evening, and they were talking about whether Ben deserves more respect in the league. I couldn’t help but get inspired to put my thoughts down on the keyboard. Marshall Faulk commented that Ben can’t be mentioned in the same league as Manning or Brady until he has to win a games by throwing.  That teams are surprised when the Steelers come out throwing. Quite frankly Steeler fans, I’m not sure what more Ben has to do to get respect. He has proven time after time he can drive down the field with the game on the line and get the win. He did in Super Bowl XLIII, what bigger stage can you get? So what if he doesn’t have 4000 yds. every year. It proves we are a balanced team that doesn’t have to thrown it all the time to win. The Colts and Patriots, as good as they are every year never have really great defenses like Pittsburgh does, ora  really great running games so their QB’s throw it often, and to their credit they are great.  Their game plans each are built around their Quarterbacks, and rightfully so. They do just enough on defense and just enough in the running game to compliment their signal callers. Ben gets the job done and nobody in the league does it quite like he does, that makes him every bit as special, talented, and respected as any Quarterback in the NFL today.

To not give Ben credit just because he doesn’t put up stats like the so called “elite Quarterbacks” do every year is a joke. If Ben isn’t on our team, we aren’t winning our 5th and 6th championships. It’s as simple as that ladies and gentlemen.  Is Brady going to make “the tackle”? Can Manning escape Terrell Suggs to avoid the big sack with the game on the line? This fan says no way! Being a Quarterback in the NFL today isn’t like it was back in the good ole days of the NFL.  Pure pocket passers are still alive and well, but today’s NFL QB’s are mobile, big, strong, and able to do more than just throw when needed. Taking nothing away from the Mannings and the Brady’s, both will be first ballot Hall of Fame inductees one day, but lets not fool ourselves into thinking that Ben is a notch below them. 

I mentioned previously about if Ben were not the Quarterback of the Steelers, they don’t win Super Bowl XL & XLIII.  Regardless of his stats in Detroit, if he doesn’t make “the tackle”, we don’t advance past the Colts. If he doesn’t scramble for the Touchdown in Denver, our playoff run is in doubt. If he doesn’t get on a roll when the Steelers were 7-5, on the heels of 3 straight losses heading into the stretch run in 2005, we aren’t going anywhere in January but the golf course.   He could have played better in Super Bowl XL, there is no doubt, but he made plays and our running game and defense brought home the win. You can’t discount his importance just because his stats weren’t MVP caliber that day.

The run to super bowl XLIII had the Steelers winning 6 of their last 7 games, and Ben had 3301 yds. passing that year and 17  Touchdowns.  Again, are those blow your mind stats? No, but considering the Steelers played the toughest schedule in NFL history that year and beat both the Chargers and Ravens to advance to the championship, it’s clear to anyone that without Ben, the Steelers don’t get their 6th ring. If he doesn’t make that pass to Santonio Holmes in the back of the end zone, we don’t win.

Combine all of that with the week in and week out heroics that Ben has had to muster up, behind an offensive line has been a chorus of musical chairs and inconsistency.  For all the times he drives us nuts by holding onto the ball, there’s not a Steeler fan alive that would want anybody else to lead the Black ‘n Gold.  So basically, let the media say what they want, they’ve been doing it since Ben got into the league and it’s worked out pretty well for us so far.

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